zaunberg tech night 02/2014

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JavaScript Trends 2014
Past, present and future of client side JavaScript

Moritz Grauel

JavaScript has come a long way – despite its dubious reputation and only minor improvements of the language itself in the past, it is gaining more and more fans year over year.

One of the reasons for JavaScripts growing popularity is the fact, that we have improved a lot upon the way we create and architect our JavaScript. This talk gives an overview about the ways, client side JavaScript is crafted today. We’ve come a long way from the early days of manual DOM manipulation and event handling to modern MVC frameworks, like Angular.js.

However, it is also clear, that we haven’t reached the end of the journey. This talk will close with some of the interesting highlights indicating the future of JavaScript.


18:30 entry
19:00 start talk
20:00 eat and drink, socialize, relax
21:30 cu next time 🙂
Eurostaff, Friedrichstrasse 200, 10117 Berlin
free admission


Moritz Grauel is a freelance software developer and trainer. He has more than seven years of experience in JVM based web applications. He combines his passion for technology with a strong focus on user experience to help his clients deliver modern and engaging experiences on the web platform.

Twitter: @mo_gr
Slides: view slides

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